Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "Where is your lending area?"

A: These are the counties that we are able to lend to: Fond du Lac, Calumet, Manitowoc, Winnebago, Waupaca, Brown, Kewaunee, Door, Outagamie, Shawano, Oconto, Menominee, Marinette, Langlade, Forest, Florence, Oneida, Vilas. We are also able to lend to most of the Upper Peninsula. If you have any questions about where we are able to lend to, please ask. Click here to apply now!

Q: "What do I need to bring with me for final approval?"

1.   Most recent pay stub or proof of income.

2.   Six references. (Name, address and phone number)

3.   Phone bill with your name and current address.

4.   Trade title and lien release.

5.   Tribal Identification and Tax Exempt card (if applicable) 

6.   Copy if ITIN number (if applicable)

Q: "I've had a Bankruptcy / Repossession / Divorce / Bad Credit. Can I still get approved?"

A: Most banks and finance companies will turn down anybody that has had past credit problems; Dorsch Auto Credit understands that even good people occasionally go through hard times. We specialize in financing to people who need a second chance or first time buyers just starting out. Click here to apply now!

Q: "Do I need a Down Payment? If so, how much?"

A: Most of our customers have a down payment of a few hundred dollars or more so they are not having to finance taxes, title or registration fees in the loan.  But don't overlook the fact that the more down payment you can put towards the loan, the stronger the approval will be, and also the lower your payment will be!  Click here to apply now!

Q: "How would my rate be determined?"

A: We have access to many different financing options, including options that many other dealers in the area CANNOT offer. This allows us to offer rates that are competitive with, and often better than what other dealers can offer you. At Dorsch you get the benefit of a warranty and an easy, hassle-free application process. Good credit, bad credit, or no credit, it makes no difference to us. We have rates as low as 14.9%. Click here to apply now!

Q: "How long will it take for me to get approved?"

A: In most cases, we will have an answer within 1 hour, and if everything is in order, you can take delivery on the spot. In order to speed up the process, we welcome you to call 888-200-8603. Click here to apply now!

Dorsch Auto Credit's Mission

The Dorsch name has been selling quality vehicles to Green Bay for more than 45 years. We are proud to help out our customers with our elite financing program at Dorsch Auto Credit. You do not need to have good credit, or any credit at all to drive off in your next vehicle. Bad credit auto loans are our specialty! We will assist you in purchasing vehicle today that you can be proud to drive. We do not believe that a credit score can define who you are or your ability to get a vehicle. We take the banks out of the equation and we will work directly with you.

We help to understand your situation, and we are not interested in judging you. We are only interested in getting you into a vehicle that fits your needs and budget while improving your credit. When you come to Dorsch Auto Credit we sit down and design a customized approval that best fits you! That means we do not have to wait for someone else's approval on your auto purchase. 

Every day is a new day, and Dorsch Auto Credit only cares about your future. 

Questions? Let us help you!

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